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I’ve had two Inkwell Awards banners for a couple of years now but after over eighteen years in the industry I finally got around to getting my own vertical banner.  My bud and fellow committee Inkwell Awards member Jimmy Tournas took some image files of mine and designed the two shown below.  The Marvin and Gossammer image on top of both is from my pencils, inks, and colors and is available for sale as a print.  The Panther image (also a print) was penciled by Sal Velluto and intended for our last Black Panther issue cover but it was rejected by Marvel but later fully rendered for a client as a commission (colored by Tom Smith) and subsequently used on a Panini Comics BP collection edition in France.  I rejected the first one with Thanos and requested the second one with the BP cover art.  This will debut at this Sunday’s March 7 North East Comic Con, co-promoted by Jimmy (with special guests Norm Breyfogle and Billy Tucci).  So did I make the correct choice of banner in your opinion?  And does anyone even know from what issue the Thanos panel came from or can identify the pencil artist to draw it?  The first one to do so (issue and artist, not banner choice, USA RESIDENTS ONLY) and post it here will receive a signed copy of one of my sketchbooks mailed to them at no cost.

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