Inkwell Awards Merchandise Stolen!

Please check out the articles at Bleeding Cool, our own Inkwell site and especially FirstComicNews which has the most information for all of the info and the files!

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How cool is this?!

My idol George Perez is known for always sporting a Hawaiian shirt at public appearances but in this photo (with Marvel and DC Captain Marvel cosplayers) from an unknown event he wears the Avengers shirt that was an inker jam between myself, Tim TownsendScott Hanna and Norman Lee (and colored by Tom Smith) and the only published work that I ever inked/ finished over George’s sketch art. (For those keeping track, I did Thor and Wasp, Tim did Cap, Scott handled Wanda, and Norman Antman and Iron-man).

I’m the Top Commission Inker on CAF!

I was stunned and honored to find out, thanks to longtime chum and my gallery chronicler Damon Owens, that in an article about a recent survey at the Comic Art Fans gallery site that I’m listed with the highest quantity of inked commissions at that venue! I better get the pace going, though, because Joe Rubenstein is breathing down my neck-LOL!  See why 189+ can’t be wrong and give me a try and hire me for an inking commission NOW!