Swanshadow Article Praises Bob

Those familar with my commission gallery are familar with prolific client and dear friend Michael Rankins. A voice actor in his day job (and successful gameshow contestant), Michael is a seasoned comic book art collector. He has a blog, “Swanshadow Thinks Out Loud”, and he oftens devotes the end of the week with the column ‘Comic Art Friday’. Yesterday he posted another celebrating me and my work (“A Drink of Ink”). I don’t take this tribute lightly and always cherish the recognition. Thank you, Uncle Swan!


Those of you who follow my site’s news know that there was some confusion about where Marvel was publishing the Black Panther variant cover that Sal Velluto and I recently were hired to do. On Tuesday January 24 it was listed in the online Marvel solicitations for April at Newsarama. I posted the following on my Facebook wall the next day, below, and they even spelled Sal’s name properly this time:


To answer the oft-asked question about where/when that variant Black Panther cover by Sal Velluto,myself and Paul Mounts will be out, the answer is finally in the latest April solicitations for a 4/19 release: “BLACK PANTHER: WORLD OF WAKANDA #6
Cover by RAHZZAH
Variant Cover by SAL VELLUTO”


In other Black Panther news, I was surprised to see a third BP title from Marvel, BLACK PANTHER & THE CREW. (Yes, they are using the team that Priest created after his Black Panther series ended in 2003, but without Priest.)  I’m not working on it but this is the first time in Panther history that he’s had more than one series let alone three. Ah, the wonders of the Marvel Cinematic Universe.