The Bob Almond Inkwell: updated bimonthly???

HI, and HAPPY NEW YEAR! I want to apologize for not living up to my promise “Update Monthly” since the fall for those of you who make regular stops here (I appreciate you all sincerely and never take your support for granted…ask those who tell me they do at shows I attend). But as usual in such scenarios, I took on a job.  I haven’t had an actual inking assignment (as opposed to ongoing commissions and a short-term teaching gig last winter) since Marvel’s Heroes for Hire in the spring-fall of 2011. So it was important to take on the work which was offered by my friend artist Geof Isherwood in the late fall. He’d been doing some work for the Canadian publisher Heroes of the North and asked me if I’d like to ink the series Green Force which he was penciling (and lettering and coloring). The series will be offered digitally first and subsequently collected in a trade collection. Issue one is done and I start issue two later this week. When I have more info or graphics I will try to post them here.



In the meantime in-between issues I’m trying to catch up with a lot of items that have fallen by the wayside like my taxbook, a lot of Inkwell Awards stuff, personal family matters, my health, and, of course, this update.  I know some areas of the site need attention like my Store page (to update new color prints and mark some discounted trades as ‘sold’) and adding the new gig to my Credits page. I’m supposed to do a commission this week so I’ll subsequently also owe a new Gallery entry.


I don’t know when my next update will take place or how long I’ll be busy with work (if all goes as planned, there will be another project down the road to follow Green Force). But I’ll do my best to keep you abreast of all the developments here.