Inkwell Awards updates

You can ready the 3rd annual round table interview here with myself, Bob Shaw, Nathan Massengill, Mark McKenna, Ernie Pelletier, Jimmy Tournas, Daniel Best, Dan Panosian, Tom Schloendorn, and Joe Sinnott.


And you can read about other developments here. Below is the cover of the WW:New England Comic Con exclusive IA donation drive book with cover art pencilled & inked by Craig Rousseau and colored by Blake Wilkie which you can receive with a $10 donation next weekend at the Boston show.  Many copies will be signed by Craig, Bob, and others.

I’m working for THE MAN!

Well, more like with The Man…or Stan (The Man) Lee to be exact. For months I’ve been working on The Guardian Project

for Guardian Media Entertainment but had to keep the info to myself due to a NDA.  For weeks I inked/finished 50-something shots of the characters for merchandise-related art and Stan himself called me back in July to welcome me aboard the team.  But recently I’ve begun working on the short features over pencils by some names you’re familiar with from my past credits like Sal Velluto and Mike Lilly as well as Jack Purcell.  Other artists involved include Trevor Von Eeden, Mark McKenna, David Hillman, Matt Haley, Nathan Massengill, and doing full art for all of the covers will be none other than Neal Adams!  If you’re a fan of these creators or of the NHL you’ll want to check out these links for more info! And especially this one with artwork!

Now THERE’S a notch in my resume….I can die happy <g>