A Bevy of Bob Bits

*HARTFORD CON: The dates were wrong and an error on my part.  Instead of September 5-6 the Inkwells and myself will be there when it runs September 19-20 so please adjust your calendars and I hope to see you there!

*MAKE MINE BOB ALMOND: Sorry, for those who might’ve been interested I didn’t promote this in advance but I’ll be sure to next time. The Make Mine Marvel Facebook group (also this link) scheduled me for a live online FB interview yesterday August 25 at 8pm EST.  It went really well and I was typing non-stop for two and a half hours until it slowed down (not stopped) and I politely pulled out of the fandom festivities!  I  enjoyed the event and queestions and there’s talk of me returning in the future. I will keep you posted here. For realz this time;-)

*BLACK PANTHER BY CHRISTOPHER PRIEST: THE COMPLETE COLLECTION (UPDATE): This week I submitted my revised Intro from the Panini Comics reprint in 2003 to the Marvel Collections Dept editorial office (this time to be printed in English instead  of French) as well as an assortment of image files to be considered as bonus features for the 2nd (shipping in 11/11/15 w/ issues 18-35) and 3rd (due the first quarter of 2016 w/ issues 36-49) volumes. Tentatively, the front cover of the third collection will be from BP#48 (painted by Jason Nagasawa) and the back cover will be the Velluto/Almond cover that was originally rejected for our final issue (#49) and later commissioned to completion and used on the 2nd Panini collection front cover. For those interested in reading a recent three part Priest interview you can go herehere, and then here.

That’s it for now!  Until next time, inkslingers!