New England Comics Signing addendum

Brockton, MA: First stop on the 2011 Inkwell Awards Tour!

As the non-profit organization The Inkwell Awards commence with their fourth year of advocacy for the art form and artists of inking, they make a premier appearance at the Brockton, MA store of the popular, long-existing franchise New England Comics on Saturday, Jan. 22nd from 12-4pm.  The Brockton store will be celebrating part of their Grand Re-opening (one week later) at their new, larger location, eight doors down in the mall venue at 716A Crescent Street.  To commemorate, the store will be running sales on various merchandise and Heroclix tournaments will take place this day.  The Inkwells will be represented by it’s founder and director, vet ink artist and columnist Bob Almond (Black Panther, Warlock & the Infinity Watch, Quasar, Stan Lee’s Guardians Project) who will be offering Inkwell Awards merchandise for fundraising donations as well as selling original art, sketchbooks, trades, etc. of his own work for himself.  His website is    Accompanying Bob will be the organization’s spokesmodel Ms. Inkwell, as portrayed by model Bethany Marino.  Attendees will be able to take photos of or with the model for a small donation.

There are also tentative plans for another Ms. Inkwell model to attend the Southcoast Show.

2011 Signings and Conventions (so far)

The following are confirmed appearances for me and, other than the signings, will have an Inkwell Awards presence:

*January 22: Grand Re-Opening New England Comics: Brockton

*March 27: Southcoast Toy & Comic Show

*April 15-17: Pittsburgh Comicon (w/ Joe Sinnott & Ms. Inkwell–and I’ll be hosting an

inking panel)

*May 7: Harrison’s Cards & Collectibles (Free Comic Book Day)

*June 3-5: Heroes Con (our first live awards ceremony, with Ms. Inkwell and much of the organization in attendance)


FYI, I will not be attending NYCC this year again nor The Boston Comic Con for the first

time,both due to costs.  The Inkwell Awards are also not supported with free space at

these venues like the other venues listed above.

A birthday greeting from my pal Sal!

h is appropos considering the deluge of b-day greetings I’ve been getting on Facebook since yesterday.  I’ve been priveleged to walk among heroes and gods of my childhood and be considered an equal and a friend for almost twenty years.  This still amazes me.  Thanks, Sal!

More Bob love!

Daniel Best devoted one of his blog entries to me.  The guy will write about just about anything. Thanks, Danny!