This AVENGERS#162 (1977) original art by George Perez and Pablo Marcos is for sale on eBay is from my own collection….with the exception of a couple of years when a close friend held the piece for me, I’ve been the sole owner of this published art for the last 15+ years. This is obviously a classic sequence for Avenger fans and I didn’t make this decision to sell lightly. I’m having some serious financial issues right now with the family and I hate parting with this page but I gots to do what I gots to do. Thanks much for looking.

Scratch that: I will NOT be at the Southcoast show!

I must pull out of the Southcoast Toy & Comic Show on November 6 as previously announced due to a family crisis.  I spoke to co-promoter Mark Gomes last night who completely understands.  My sincere apologies for those who were looking forward to seeing me.

Southcoast Toy & Comic Show appearance!

I was invited to return to the Southcoast Toy & Comics Show in Fairhaven, MA for the third time.  It’s on Sunday November 6 from 10-4 and will be my first show since June’s Heroes Con as I’ve been very busy and purposely took myself off the tour circuit. I will have all of my usual merchandise for sale including discounted Heroes for Hire original art and a new Daredevil color print as well as Inkwell Awards stuff (hopefully, the debut of the 1st Sinnott Inking Challenge Gellery book).  If you’re in the Bristol County region I hope to see you there!