Well, that teaches me! LOL!

My last post talks about how I’ve not been around and that I would poke my head out publicly at Rhode Island Comic Con as ‘proof of life’.  Well, if you were one of those who saw me Saturday November 2 in Providence, I was probably looking more like proof of imminent death! After setting up at the convention hall Friday night I developed immediate a犀利士
nd excruciating abdominal pains followed by flu-like symptoms.  Due to the obligations to my non-profit Inkwell Awards and the attending team with fundraising, I went in only to be in agony all day and leave 90 minutes before the show ended. The next morning I went back but simply in order to pack up my stuff and the Inkwell material and explain to the promoter that I had to leave and was going straight to the ER (unfortunate being that I had prepared for days before the show and I had done relatively well that Saturday).  That lead to 13 days in the hospital after being diagnosed with acute diverticulitis (I’d thought it was my gall bladder or appendix).  I’ve had this problem for over a decade but the flare ups had never been so sudden or painful as to send me to the hospital for what is my first actual admittance. After being hooked up to ivs, starving, allowed only ice chips for much of my stay, taking narcotics for my pain, experiencing nausea and migraines, and experiencing overall misery (that I will save you the nasty details of), a drainage tube was inserted in me to drain the infection from the abscesses and I was sent home last Friday night.  I’ve been slowly recovering, I’m on solid food again, and I’m waiting for the tube to be removed….shooting for tomorrow at this point.  There is elective surgery being planned for my near-future to remove the problematic section of colon in this drama.  But for now, I’m trying to increase my strength, spirit and work production and return to a semblance of normalcy.  Much thanks to those of you who have wished me well on my Facebook page and elsewhere.  That went a long way.  I will survive;-)