Rhode Island Comic Con (proof of life)!

Hi!  Sorry I haven’t been around here, friends, but my workload has been pretty busy with that project that I can’t talk about. And I’ve spent most of October being really sick causing me to fall behind in my schedule.  But, I will be attending the 2nd Rhode Island Comic Con in Providence in a week (November 2-3), along with my non-profit Inkwell Awards, so if you’ll be in the area feel free to drop by and say “hi” back!  This will probably be my last convention appearance until Heroes Con in June 2014, although if I can sneak out for Albany Con for a day just before that event I will.  I hope to add 3-4 new commisions to my gallery here within a month or so, maybe other site updates. But since I don’t expect to be very vocal here for a while with Halloween around the corner, in case I don’t get a chance or remember later, I WISH YOU ALL A HAPPY HOLIDAYS!