On my Facebook feed I have been posting about the status of this collection which I am more passionate about in this format than others I’ve had. It was rescheduled once or twice and finally arrived last week only to be damaged and returned as I waited for the proper edition I ordered. Here’s my post: “I finally got my Christopher Priest Black Panther Omnibus HC chapter 1. Interesting that along the way between solicitations and release that Marvel changed the DM edition from Sal & my cover to BP #33 to the cover Sal Did of BP#13, the first issue of our run. My LCS retailer was confused because normally they would have been updated about such matters so I called Marvel Collections editor Jennifer Grünwald who apologized and told me that there was indeed a mixup with communication as normally such a change would be reported to retailers. (Although the interior credits still credit me and color artist Tom Smith erroneously as variant cover artists.) It was nice to be at least mentioned in the dust jacket and papers a couple of times besides CJP, Texeira & Velluto. At the end they included 8 pages of extras that I sent them for the Black Panther: The Complete Christopher Priest Collection and I’m sure there will be more of that in volume two. Maybe Marvel will have a cover option by myself and Sal next time🤞 Regardless, a wonderful and proud addition to my shelf♥️”

Jess Harrold, who authored “Black Panther: Visions of Wakanda”, “The Marvel Art of George Perez” among other things on my shelf, informed me in that FB thread that he handled the dustjacket copy that mentioned me, so I thanked him.