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I share in the grieving for my friend Michael Rankins at the loss of his wife KJ two days ago at the age of 44 after a 3+ year battle with breast cancer and liver disease.  I ‘met’ Michael via my friend Damon Owens, both art collectors who became my two most-prolific clients ever.  But […]

New gigs for the summer!

Out of the blue I was contacted by the editor of DC’s First Wave series and artist Rags Morales to assist with the inking for the late issue, originally schedule for May 5, now looking like a July release (see solicitations on the left sidebar).  Rags had fondly remembered my brush work from Bloodshot inking […]

Handbook Hunt! Commissions Ceased! Site stalled!

A tradition in my news archives has been to track where samples of work I did are being reproduced in editions, usually the handbooks, where the ink artist is usually not credited.  I haven’t been as on top of the Marvel handbooks as I have in the past but in the recent AVENGERS ASSEMBLE handbook […]

Last stop on the Inkwell tour….HEROES CON!

For a while anyway.   The Heroes Con on June 4-6 is the last major show until October for me.  I’ll leave Wednesday for a fourteen hour roadtrip along with Jimmy Tournas and the Harrison’s Comics gang.  I’ll be set up at the convention center in artist alley table # 313 next to Mike Lilly and Louis Small.  Originally promoter Shelton Drum offered my non-profit […]

Here I come again, Granite State!

I’ll be attending the Granite State Comicon this Sunday May 23 from 10-4 and carpoolin’ with my bud Craig for the trip. Besides myself I’ll have the Inkwell Awards table set up (along with Bob Shaw in the house) with the usual non-profit good for sale for our ongoing fundraising like our signed 2009 and both editions of our 2010 Donation […]

Congrats to Carli Idhe, the 1st Dave Simons Scholarship recipient!

From the Inkwell Awards press release: On May 14 the Joe Kubert School of Cartoon and Graphic Art revealed information and photos regarding their 2010 Scholarship Ceremony.  Among the many winners, second year student Carli Idhe was the first recipient of the Dave Simons Inkwell Memorial Scholarship Fund sponsored by the Inkwell Awards.   “Carli is a very talented 20 year […]

MOVING SUCKS! (And so does Enterprise!)

That’s about as eloquent as I feel right now.  And, no, I’m not moving the website, just myself physically.  I’ve moved a few times in my life and hated it abysmally each and every time but I haven’t had to relocate for over nine years, thankfully.  Until now.  With the economic downturn, lowering of property […]