Last stop on the Inkwell tour….HEROES CON!

For a while anyway.   The Heroes Con on June 4-6 is the last major show until October for me.  I’ll leave Wednesday for a fourteen hour roadtrip along with Jimmy Tournas and the Harrison’s Comics gang.  I’ll be set up at the convention center in artist alley table # 313 next to Mike Lilly and Louis Small.  Originally promoter Shelton Drum offered my non-profit organization The Inkwell Awards a free booth which would be across from an artist alley row where our Ms. Inkwell model could man the booth and be watched by us who would take turns helping out.  But regrettably the model plan fell through and without one or a full-time volunteer, we could’nt take on the booth.  And by the time this was realized a few days ago, it was too late to add another table into AA for the charity.  So I will try to make a little room on my own table for IA items to sell for our fundraising like t-shirts and donation drive books.  There will be more IA members in attendance than anywhere else to date, which makes the lost booth/table opportunity all the more bitter.  But I plan to have a great time nonetheless with fans and friends.


And AFTER the show?  There’s work to do!  Something old and something new…for next time, inkwellers!