Rest in Peace, Al Rio

I didn’t know Al Rio personally but I have inked 6 commissions over this very talented and impressive artist over the years for different clients.  His work was inspiring and I was honored to take part in the process. As my friend and prolific client Michael Rankins stated on his Facebook page:”Sad, sad, sad. Our first commission together, Bob, was an Al Rio. Our most-recent–our 46th–also an Al Rio. I’m so sad to think that we’ve exhausted our supply of Al’s work, there won’t ever be any more new ones.  He was such a brilliant artist”


Here’s the first press release where I read about it and here’s an article by David Campiti on Al.


My condolences to Al’s family and loved ones during this difficult time.  Also to Terry Maltos, his longtime friend and art rep.  You can find examples of our collaboration in my gallery starting with his most-recent job I did of Isis (but you’ll need to go back into the gallery archives to see the others).