Miscellaneous Developments

*ITEM: Kingstone Comics contacted me to ink 17 pages over a Danny Bulanadi Moses story for the Kingstone Bible 2nd edition printing.

So I will have those for sale for anyone interested as my convention schedule commences next month.


*ITEM: Proud to have a True Believer reprint for the 3rd pro job I ever did inking Angel Medina on the cover and interiors back in 1992!

TRUE BELIEVERS: AVENGERS – THANOS & GAMORA #1, Reprinting Warlock & the Infinity Watch #9, PGS. 32/Rated T+ …$1.00 Ships 4/10/19


*ITEM: Sal Velluto & I reunited for a one-page feature in The Liberty Brigade” project as published by Thrilling Nostalgia Comics Group.

The Liberty Brigade is being funded via Kickstarter crowdfunding & it’s written by Michael Finn, recognized by art collectors as the “One Minute

Later” client that has funded me for many commissions. This is his passion project. It consists of stories and twenty one-page original features

with public domain characters and many mainstream creators are involved with it such as George Perez, Alan Davis, Sal Buscema, Kevin

J. West, Doug Braithwaite, Ron Frenz, Mark Buckingham, Jim Cheung, Chris Ivy, Rick Veitch, Ramona Fradon, Mick Gray, Barry Kitsen,

Mike Perkins, Josef Rubinstein, John Totleben, Jim Steranko, Ron Wilson, Mark Morales, Jason Metcalf, Sean Chen, Mike Lilly, Jim Calafiore,

Chris Weston, Ken Lashley, Al Milgrom and so many more! All edited by Mark Waid! Sal&I got the #20 and final origin page entry on the

Scarlet Skull. It’ll be 80+ pages and once I discover a release date/ordering instructions and a price I will post it here!