Joe Sinnott’s bad break!

I was informed today by Joe Sinnott‘s son Mark that his dad was diagnosed with a broken
hip. He’d been suffering over the weeks from leg pain and was issued a walker.
X-rays subsequently detected a crack in the bone but an MRI confirmed that his
hip was actually broken due to degeneration being that he never fell. A hip
replacement is scheduled for the next couple of weeks followed by a hospital
stay, rehab, and supervised care. His spirits are way up (I just had a long
talk with him on the phone) and he’s still working on deadlines for the
Spider-Man strip (with Stan and Alex) and other gigs since he’s not in pain
while sitting. If any well-wishers want to send him something like a get well
card at the following address:
Joe Sinnott
po box 406
Saugerties, NY 12477
I was told to feel free to post this info for that reason. Joe looks forward to
hearing from both his friends and fans.