HANDBOOK HUNT! Marvel Fact Files: Black Panther Special

I haven’t done this topic at the site for quite some time. But I used to make mention of reprinted art of mine appearing in Marvel’s handbooks and other publications. One such magazine was the one that accompanies the Eaglemoss statues. In 2007 I picked up t
he 2006 Eaglemoss magazine The Classic Marvel Figurine Collection#30: Black Panther mentioned on this page in my archives.

I recently saw a solicitation for another BP-themed issue, now renamed, Marvel Fact Files: Black Panther Special (2016). I ordered it and recently picked it up and it had less of Sal & my work than the earlier

book. Besides a tiny cover image of Black Panther#27 (v. 3) and at the end a price guide showing the cover to BP#23 with Deadpool and the Avengers as being in high demand and low supply, it only had a couple of images from the center spread timeline shown here, one from BP#49 and 14.

However, while searching for the 2006 cover file, I discovered this: Marvel Fact Files#19:

Black Panther!

This one sports a Sal&Bob cover and I didn’t know about it. Don’t know the year. But I am asking my Facebook friends if anyone’s seen it. If you have or know where I can get one, please email me at dmralmond@gmail.com