FanX Salt Lake Comic Con Fall 2019: The Reprise!

I have the Terrificon to attend in a week and FanExpo Boston Con the weekend after that. But months

ago I was invited to return to the FanX Salt Lake Comic Con Fall 2019 for September 5-7 but

I couldn’t officially make a statement until today! I, again, will be joining my oft-partner and pal

Sal Velluto from Black Panther, Captain Gravity, Aquaman, JSA, Bloodshot, the Kingstone Bible, the

Phantom and so much more! I had the greatest experience with the Utah community fans and staff so

I’m cheerfully hoping for more of that!

New, upcoming BLACK PANTHER items of note

I noticed in the August for October Previews catalog from Diamond that Marvel is soliciting

2 special projects with the King of Wakanda. The Vistions of Wakanda book will contain

interview material from myself & Sal Velluto and possibly reproduce some artwork by us.

The postcard book might also have some art reproduced by us but we don’t know for sure

and, if so, will be a surprise like it was with the Marvel BP coloring book. Below I’ve posted

the images relased by Marvel and their solictation info. After I see them in the coming months

I’ll be sure to inform on the specifics right here as usual!


Penciled by VARIOUS
Cover by
Meet T’Challa, the Black Panther, and explore his wondrous home of Wakanda in this beautifully

crafted volume! Featuring action-packed artwork from all eras of Panther storytelling —

beginning with his debut in Stan Lee and Jack Kirby’s legendary FANTASTIC FOUR, through his first

stint as a mighty Avenger, to his modern status as a solo-series star! There’s jungle action aplenty

as T’Challa, his closest allies and his fiercest foes star in stunning illustrations by legends such as

Kirby, John Buscema, Rich Buckler, John Byrne, Mark Texeira and John Romita Jr.! Plus: Awesome

covers and pages from the recent blockbuster revolution of Wakanda courtesy of the creative

minds of writer Ta-Nehisi Coates and artistic collaborators Brian Stelfreeze, Chris Sprouse, Daniel

Acuña and more!
352 PGS./All Ages …$29.99
ISBN: 978-1-302-91938-2
Trim size: 8 x 6

Penciled by VARIOUS
Planning a vacation to the technologically advanced African nation of Wakanda? Then you’re

going to need some postcards to mail home to all your jealous friends! This book has all the

cards you’ll need, featuring major moments from Black Panther’s history as illustrated by the

finest talents to ever delineate the adventures of T’Challa, his faithful friends and his bitter

enemies! Whether he’s hanging out with the Fantastic Four, assembling with the Avengers,

stalking the urban jungle of New York City or defending Wakanda as its noble warrior king,

the Black Panther is one of Marvel’s greatest heroes! Wakanda Forever!
84 PGS./All Ages …$19.99
ISBN: 978-1-302-91929-0
Trim size: 4-1/4 x 6


Friendly Neighborhood Comics run by my longtime friend Ernie Pelletier has generously arranged for me to schedule a signing event in his store.

In recent years I’ve been found at his store on Free Comic Book Day in a duel commitment with him early in the day and a commute to

New England Comics: New Bedford for later in the day with my sometimes art partner Mike Lilly. But this year, FCBD was on Saturday

May 4 when I was scheduled at the Undiscovered Realm Comic Con May 4-5. So to make up for that (and to cover some swag I’d ordered there)

Ernie has devoted Saturday July 20 to “Bob Almond Day at FNC” from 11am – 3pm! A first of sorts, I will have all my usual Bob Almond-themed goods

in tow like original signed art, Black Panther trades and prints signed by me and, while suplies last, also by my legendary cohorts Sal Velluto and

Christopher Priest following a couple of shows we attended together, signed comics, other trades and other prints, and I plan to loosely draw up

at least 4 pencil sketches on backer boards to ink at the store upon request for $40 each deposited up front. If I sell all 4 or more and can’t

finish in time at the event I will take them home to finish ahead of my commissions list for a meager shipping expense. Autographs are always

free with me and I only ask if the customer/fan can donate anything to my 501(c)(3) non-profit Inkwell Awards donation box on the table.

Besides my recent Angel Medina drawn and Tom Chu colored Thanos & Mistress Death new print I’d inked, I will be debuting my Art Adams drawn

and Chu colored X-Men: Days of Future Past print I inked. So drop by and take advantage of simultaneous deals from the store itself!

Bob Almond Day

Now that the Great Philadelphia Comic Con!, the new host show to the Inkwell Awards awards ceremony, is now past, I will be focusing on getting caught up on commissions and prepping for more shows. So my commission list is still closed (except for those willing to wait) until I finish up a bunch of Tick wraparound blank covers, 3 “Common Elements” jobs for one regular client, and 2 busy recreations for another. (I’m also waiting for doing a figure in each of 2 jam pieces with the Avengers and the X-men. No assignments to do at the moment from Kingstone Comics nor the anticipated resumption of work from Ravesnake Media. But looking forward to a new Mike Lilly collaboration sometime.

My next show, a new one, is in a week at the Undiscovered Realm Comic Con in White Plains, NY on May 4-5 (first promo design by Andrew Harmon for my Facebook profile pic). The Inkwell Awards will also be in attendance but senior spokesmodel Hailey won’t be able to make it so Kathy Denise taylor will be solo at this event. We will also be adjacent to our friend, the now retired Joe Sinnott (with his body guards Jim Tournas & Mark Sinnott). The show after that will be a return to the Garden State Comic Fest at the venue where we first attended their ice skating rink location in Morristown, NJ on June 29-30. The next two shows won’t be until August with the Terrificon at the Mohegan Sun in Uncasville, CT on 8/9 – 8/11 and the Fan Expo Boston Con 8/16 – 8/18.

Miscellaneous Developments

*ITEM: Kingstone Comics contacted me to ink 17 pages over a Danny Bulanadi Moses story for the Kingstone Bible 2nd edition printing.

So I will have those for sale for anyone interested as my convention schedule commences next month.


*ITEM: Proud to have a True Believer reprint for the 3rd pro job I ever did inking Angel Medina on the cover and interiors back in 1992!

TRUE BELIEVERS: AVENGERS – THANOS & GAMORA #1, Reprinting Warlock & the Infinity Watch #9, PGS. 32/Rated T+ …$1.00 Ships 4/10/19


*ITEM: Sal Velluto & I reunited for a one-page feature in The Liberty Brigade” project as published by Thrilling Nostalgia Comics Group.

The Liberty Brigade is being funded via Kickstarter crowdfunding & it’s written by Michael Finn, recognized by art collectors as the “One Minute

Later” client that has funded me for many commissions. This is his passion project. It consists of stories and twenty one-page original features

with public domain characters and many mainstream creators are involved with it such as George Perez, Alan Davis, Sal Buscema, Kevin

J. West, Doug Braithwaite, Ron Frenz, Mark Buckingham, Jim Cheung, Chris Ivy, Rick Veitch, Ramona Fradon, Mick Gray, Barry Kitsen,

Mike Perkins, Josef Rubinstein, John Totleben, Jim Steranko, Ron Wilson, Mark Morales, Jason Metcalf, Sean Chen, Mike Lilly, Jim Calafiore,

Chris Weston, Ken Lashley, Al Milgrom and so many more! All edited by Mark Waid! Sal&I got the #20 and final origin page entry on the

Scarlet Skull. It’ll be 80+ pages and once I discover a release date/ordering instructions and a price I will post it here!

A “Not Much to Report” Report

Hi! I’ve clearly not had the time to post much for many weeks. After the September shows in Salt Lake City, UT and Utica, NY I’ve been home buried under numerous commissions and I’m awaiting the next Mike Lilly assignment. (Those commissions will eventually wind up posted at a newly created ComicArtFans gallery which will continue from the most receny entry on this site’s Gallery section.) I did make a one day signing appearance at Friendly Neighborhood Comics for their annual Halloween Comic Fest celebration and that went pretty well.I’ve also been struggling to keep up on duties for my Inkwell non-profit, as well as my health. I did finally get confirmed some convention appearances for 2019 and the first two are listed above in the NewsFlash. The big news there is that The Great Philadelphia Comic Con! will be our new host show now, not the East Coast Comicon as previously reported after ending our 8 year relationship with HeroesCon. So it might be a light year of locations for our annual tour so far (others being Terrificon and Fan Expo Boston Con in August and Granite State Comicon in September) but more might be added, and the few we have we’ll make the most of.

Last 2018 Shows on the Tour (so far)

Terrificon was our BEST show this year and better than the three previous shows at the Mohegan Sun!  The new, larger expo center and increased everything, from creators to vendors to celebrities to customer traffic! We made out well on table merchandise, donations collecting, donation box fundraising (my pal Jim Starlin especially!), my personal success, getting to eat out each night with friends and WE HAD FUN! Promoter Micth Hallock has something great going on there and we’re very fortunate to be back every year to take part in the entertainment and craziness!

This is the next show for me, now just a week from Wednesday when my flight takes off for my first trip ever to Salt Lake City, Utah (see link above in Newsflash announcements)! Sal Velluto and family are driving me about and putting me up for the night! We’ll also be doing commissions together at the show! There won’t be an Inkwell presence except for donation boxes and brochures and I might ask a couple of artists to donate something but otherwise I’ll have my usual selection of Black panther comics, trades and apparel as well as my prints and some original art. Just less than usual due to the limitations of a flight.

Lastly, I was invited to the one day Uticon show in Utica, NY (link also above). Again, not only my first time there but a Bob-solo show (albeit with the donation box, brochures and maybe the signed Ms. Inkwell gallery book) but I get 2 tables here!! This show is run ONLY by volunteers and they have raised funds entirely to support the American Cancer Society. So I hope to see you in the northwest and the north east in September! There are no shows lines up after that until March so we’re hoping for any invitations in that time so we don’t have a 6 month gap.

Boston Con is added to the 2018 Almond/Inkwell tour

Just today I was confirmed for space at the Fan Expo Boston Comic Con on August 10-12. As some of you may know, I attended that show for years early on but eventually boycotted it. Fan Expo bought the show last year and while I enjoy mom & pop shows over corporate ones, I wanted to give it a try since it’s in my backyard (I live an hour away) and The Inkwell Awards only had one New England show that supported me and the non-profit, Terrificon in CT. We did well there so now we can try again. Senior Ms. Inkwell spokesmodel Hailey Skaza-Gagne will be joining me along with Jayke Clark, a recent Inkwell volunteer, who will cover the Inkwell table and be there for general assistance to us. This show takes place the weekend prior to the Terrificon show (August 17-19). But after that there are no shows lined up for months at the moment. But should anything new develop I will keep you posted here and on my Facebook page. I will have limited (10) New England Comics-authorized b&w prints of the Tick signed by myself and Mike Lilly as well as the limited to ten Batman/Catwoman Wedding color prints by Mike, myself and color artist Dave Ocampo from the Wedding Event from That’s Entertainment on July 7 as previously reported here. All this and the usual comics, tpbs, original art, prints and merchandise (much of which is Black Panther-related) that I bring to most shows.


HAPPY BELATED NEW YEAR! Yes, sorry, I got sucked up into the holidays and with prepping for and attending final show dates the last 2 months. Some evens and odds:  Sadly, my Gallery section is still MIA as Rhys Evans, my Techno-God at continues to work on it in his spare (ha!) time. It’s been about a year and he says he’s wrapping things up. Good thing because I have folders reserving 32 commission files to upload!


I am doing commissions on hand and would be happy to take on more. I am still inking for Ravesnake and there might be new work within sight from Kingstone so I’m in a holding pattern there. I just posted the presently confrimed conventions for the year but that list will surely grow.


There’s also a new DK Publishing book out that interested me and possibly some of you Black Panther fans: Black Panther: The Ultimate Guide. I noticed that it’s smaller in size than past Marvel and DC editions and there’s no longer a dust jacket but if that’s what they needed to do to keep the price from rising then so be it. It’s got a Foreward by master scribe Don McGregor and multitudes of art from numerous sources, incluyding Sal Velluto and yours truly.  My only gripe about these books is that they don’t credit any of the artists for their printed work. DC volumes used to at least list all artists who’s works werre included on the final acknowledgments page. Marvel doesn’t supply a list apparently since it doesn’t do the same. It’s a hardcover at 200 pages for $24.99 unless you can get it discounted from your retailer in a backorder or find one at B&N Books or Amazon online. Happy hunting!


That’s all I got for now but you’re sure to hear from me next month when the Panther film is out. I’ve waited almost 20 years for this and I think it’ll be worth the wait. Take care!

Yet ANOTHER Late Convention Tour Addition!

I thought we were done for the year with the newly-added New Jersey Comic Expo show in mid-November following our appearance at Rhode Island Comic Con the weekend before that as I recently announced. But the non-profit INKWELL AWARDS and I have again been invited to a new venue! Inkwell spokesmodel Hailey Skaza-Gagne & I will be appearing at ACE COMIC CON: LONG ISLAND, NY at the Nassau Veterans Memorial Coliseum on December 8-10 with our usual display set-up. This venue is their first location for the expanding Ace Universe of Entertainment. Special Thanks to Spencer Beck who has been a HUGE support to our fundraising! That’s a record 9 events this year for us! We usually only do 5-6 shows annually but there was more interest/demand for us in 2017. I’m even more excited for 2018 as we celebrate our 10th anniversary!