Batman Day @ That’s Entertainment- An Addendum

It’s a little late in the game after my announcement about this previously with the Batman Day signing at That’s Entertainment a measly 3 days from now but better late than never (due to my workload).  Besides the obvious info listed on this promotional banner (you’ll notice that we’re NOT doing the free print giveaway this year) I’ll have all the usual original art for sale and many prints for sale, including for Black Panther fans, that all of my Panther prints are co-signed by my partner Sal Velluto currently while supplies last (plus some other non-Panther Sal&Bob prints)!





I will also be selling the Mike Lilly/Bob Almond blueline-inked original art to last years Batman/Joker Neal Adams tribute print signed by both of us which will also include bonus material like a copy of the pencils, one of the 2022 exclusive, limited double-signed That’s Entertainment b&w prints and a 13×19 color print (colors by David Ocampo)!

Lastly, Mike & I have both been the art team for the Monster Hunter Herkules segment of the comic strip for A Kid and a Comic as co-created and written by Chris Ecker and presented by Power Comics. Since we’ll be together we’ll have the first 2 AKaaC papers for sale that we can both sign. And there will also be some original art from that project available as well! I hope to see you there for this event!