UPDATED 11/26/23: Please check with me to see if I am currently accepting commissions as I often reserves any new requests if I am on an assignment or backed up by commissions. I mostly do inking commissions over another artists’ pencils as that is my specialty. and I take into consideration the amount of difficulty of the work when considering rates.

The rates below are ballpark rates. (I’m not saying I NEVER do solo pencil/ink jobs but since I don’t do that regularly it takes me much longer so I consider those on a case by case basis.)

Inks over other artists’ pencils or with Sal Velluto – please email me directly at with a jpeg of the image for a quote and info. Email me also about discussing a solo job with the content explanation.

Don’t want your original pencil pieces touched? I can ink them in blueline on another board for no additional fee or, if more than one page like that, a nominal fee.

INKS: 8.5X11 – 9X12: head shot or part/full figure, minimal to no background (bg) or props: $50-$100 (If someone stuffs several figures or a ridiculous amount of detail into an image of this size it COULD cost more but that rarely happens at this size).

INKS: 11X14/17 – 12X18: full figure, minimal to no bg: $75-$100 (additional figures $25-$35 each) -full splash or cover style illustration: $175-$300 (additional figs- $30-$50 more each) *but when I get an artist of the caliber of Stephen Segovia, Philip Tan, Angel Medina, Ivan Reis, etc. I usually charge at least $350 in this format due to the time involved to ink the meticulous details. Sequential pages, depending on content, start at $200 for relatively tight pencils. Something looser could start at $250-$300

INKS: DPS (Double Page Spreads/Splashes) starts at $300, and depending on bg, level of detail and amount of figures, more (such a job by Segovia, Tan, Medina, Reis, etc.) may possibly cost up to $600 or more.

COVER OR SPLASH RECREATIONS: I only do one copy of a particular image so as to not saturate the market. I must have the pencils file in high-resolution so that I can print it up as a blueline before recreating. Recreations can be found herehere , here, here and here!

You can check out my gallery of commissions done over the years in my career from my archive site gallery (the oldest work starting below and and continuing chronologically on the next 16 pages), this site’s gallery (generally continuing from the older gallery but a bit out of order so starting with page 11 you need to scroll the earlier page numbers backwards to travel forward) or more recent examples in my Comic Art Fans gallery (which, again, unfortunately has everything out of chronological order of production. But completion dates are posted in the copy. This page has a history of my commission galleries but you’d have to go to the very end and journey via previous page links to approach the newest material on page 1).

Please allow 4-6 weeks for the delivery of your commission under normal conditions. I will inform at initial discussion if there will/might be more time involved for turn around. Thank you.