Steve Pillarella hands me his 16th commission over Tim (“family fare”) Vigil, my 2nd effort over him, but they’re all memorable. I presume Steve or Tim are not exactly fans of the “boy wonder”…just a hunch! This is my 1st time inking these characters which was on a 9X12 sheet of paper, probably from a pad. This medium is always a challenge to work on as it isn’t a flat surface as it crinkles & bubbles up from wear and moisture. I used markers and a Pitt brush marker for everything (no brush) and spattered some black ink to enhance the blood spatter. I also didn’t erase the pencils later for fear of damaging the paper. I later read a message on Facebook about how Tim’s difficult to ink because he draws like a convention sketch and you have to know how to refine/adjust the drawing (in so many words). But my thinking was that he has this energy and texture of linework in his drawing that I prefer to try to capture that essence, but that doesn’t mean that I didn’t make a few adjustments along the way. This was wrapped up on 7/6/2009.

Tim Vigil’s pencils

Bob’s Inks