I used to do quite a few Black Panther recreations of covers that Sal Velluto and I originally did together. But I realized the other day that I hadn’t done one for four years since this cover in 2010, ending a series of ten one-offs.

Joe Goulart commissioned me with Sal’s consent to recreate this Namor commission from the Black Panther#27 page 5 interior splash page. It was inked over a blueline of the original pencils on 11X17 Kubert 2-ply board. Like the cover series, I will only do one recreation of interior pages I worked on. Counting the Bloodshot splash I recreated from Sal & my work, this is my 12th Sal & Bob recreation. It’s my 5th commission for Joe and the first for his private collection. It’s the fourth Namor commission in this gallery if you count recreations. I used a typical combination of my inking tools and finished this item on 8/22/14.

Sal’s original pencil art

Bob’s new ink recreation

The inked art by Bob as originally published