I made a return to doing Black Panther cover recreations almost exactly on the same dates as the first batch were completed 6 years ago. You can find part 1 on Inkwell Gallery page 3 (“BLACK PANTHERS, BLOODSHOT BY BOB ALMOND Recreations”) where the last batch were posted. The only difference is that I did the first few with a lightbox (which I HATE as much as vellum inking) whereas I can now scan the pencil photocopies, convert them to blueline and print them up on the Marvel 2-ply 1X17 boards. I added some cover copy to fill in space on the recreations. The tools were still brush & markers but I used to use some Hunt 102 quill back then but less so today and more Pitt markers today but not then. I also often make minor changes like on #23 I used dot zip instead of lines in Iron Man’s chestplate, on #27 I used a finer ink spatter (b&w) over the lower section, and on #43 I used some crayon texture on the moss & vines hanging off the branches. But one thing I can say unabashingly is that the recreations are absolute improvements in line quality and in general rendering.

Info for files below (left to right, top to bottom). ALL ART ORIGINAL PENCILLED BY SAL VELLUTO.
*Original cover art from BLACK PANTHER v3 # 23, 2000 / Cover recreation, 7/27/2009
*Original cover art from BLACK PANTHER v3 # 33, 2001 / Cover recreation, 8/2/2009
*Original cover art from BLACK PANTHER v3 # 27, 2001 / Cover recreation, 8/12/2009
*Original cover art from BLACK PANTHER v3 # 43, 2002 / Cover recreation, 8/20/2009