Handbook Hunt: In the recently-released AVENGERS: THE ULTIMATE CHARACTER GUIDE from DK Publishing (USA), there are sample art images inked by me for the entries on Black Panther (recolored), Klaw, and Man-ape, all over Sal Velluto’s pencils.

Sketch Magazine#30 update: as reported back on December 11 a year ago (when it was already many months late) Sketch Magazine’s site announced that they would be getting back on schedule with this issue shipping in January.  I recently inquired with the editor and they said that because it is so late they will not be shipping it to the stores who ordered it but will be sure to send it to subscribers who paid for it (also posted at their site on July 11, 2010).  So if you see this one around you may want to pick it upsince it’s a low-supply/distribution edition.