Sketch Magazine/ “Inkblots” update

For those who’ve been following the status of my Inkblots column in Sketch Magazine (last reported in my April new article) it looks like starting with issue 40 all future printed issues of the magazine will be exclusive to the subscribers only, not ordered through the Previews catalog for the stores, but there will be digital issues available to the public at their Blue Line Pro website where you can also subscribe.  I finally received my comp copy today and reread the article I wrote 3-4 years ago!  For those interested, it is a 4 page career-retrospective (“Getting There: My Very Own Origin” and “Staying There”) describing how I broke into the biz and how I survived my early days and the disaster of the ’90s.  None of the photo files I submitted were used due to space limitations.  I hope to have the time one days to revise my columns and the files and use them online at FirstComicsNews who also post my Inkblots columns.

Looks like I didn’t make cover billing again. And I’ll post an update when I know for sure when issue 41 is out.