I’ve been sitting on this one for agonizing months and today the announcement was made here at the Wizard Entertainment site. Inkwell comittee member Jimmy Tournas set this event in motion and much manly love goes out to him for that as well as Gareb Shamus, Peter Katz and April Wiggins, all of Wizard, for their interest, cooperation, and generosity.


And hell froze over!

twitter_logo_headerI’ve resisted adding another social network after ComicSpace suddenly blocked my access and after I’ve been happy, but very busy, with Facebook.  However, a recent job lead made me realize that it’s a business neccessity.  So for those interested, I now have a Twitter account so you can stalk me to your heart’s content, all two of you.  Just don’t expect me to be all tweety for a while~

Not quite convention photos…

…but these fan photos sat in my inbox for the last two years and I didn’t know what to do with them and now I do;-)

Hey. I’m a friend of Christos Gage. We met during a comic signing in Worcester earlier in the year. We bought 2 prints and my wife, who is a framer, framed them and we put them up in our kids rooms. They turned out so nice i thought you’d like to see them.
Thanks for the artwork!

Sean in Ct.”

Thanks a whole lot for sharing, Sean!

Inkwell Awards auctions ending this weekend!

inkwellawardsOn Sunday our first 2010 Inkwell Awards eBay auctions wave will wrap up after six weeks so check them out now while you still can, here!  They will resume by late March for wave two so bookmark the page and check back later (or simply keep yourselves tuned in at casa Almondink.