Good news, bad news!

On the WINNING front, I have been hired by Marvel to ink a three-issue arc for an ongoing Marvel series.  However, I cannot reveal the specifics for another month when the next Marvel solicitations are posted online.

Unfortunately, this will effect my schedule.  I’ve had to regrettably cancel attending the Granite Con in Manchester,NH on May 15 and Free Comic Book Day at Harrison’s Comics on May 7.  Between the assignment, my obligations to the busiest period for the Inkwells every year, attending Pittsburgh Con and Heroes Con, and the ten commissions on my plate and on the way (my commission list is presently closed), this decision will hopefully still allow me to see my family.

I may also fall behind here at the site, but I will try to post about the project and next week will be a reminder that Inkwell Awards voting will be in effect and the website relaunched with a new look.  I apologize to anyone that my schedule changes have effected.  Thanks for understanding.

INKWELL AWARDS: The 2011 Joe Sinnott Inking Challenge

Read about the Inkwell Awards newest project at First Comics News to educate about inking and raise funds for their expenses for the first Heroes Con live awards ceremony…see the contributions at the IA CAF gallery and all of the artists participating, and check out the original art being auctioned off for a couple of weeks at the Inkwell’s CAF gallery auctions starting March 20……who will lead the pack in the first inking challenge?

We Go Anywhere Goes Viral!

As solicited last year on my homepage, I inked five pages around 2003-4 for a private project and the property of owner Michael Lovins called We Go Anywhere over his pencils.  Sal Velluto and I were also commisioned to render his cover art.

As of March 9 Michael posted the video for the cover (and the interior art work) on youtube and promoted it on his social networks such as Facebook where I discovered it.

WE GO ANYWHERE – Comic Book Cover Art by Velluto / Almond / Matozzi

Southcoast Toy & Comic Show: March 27

Just a reminder that I’ll be attending the Southcoast Toy & Comics show in Fairhaven, MA on Sunday March 27 from 10am-4pm. I’ll also be there for The Inkwell Awards along with volunteer Phil Healy and model Bethany Marino as Ms. Inkwell.