For those interested in original art or that special gift to someone (or yourself) for the holidays, my pages are on sale at 30% off at my art rep’s site at Comic Art House.  The only art remaining from my inventory is the Marvel Heroes for Hire ink work over Kyle Hotz for those three issues as well as the Spider-Island one-shot. So check it out here!

An update and holiday greetings!

For those who have asked about my status or how I’m doing, thanks for your thoughtful consideration.  My dad was diagnosed with lung cancer two months ago and there are lesions on his liver and throughout his brain.  To say the least, the last two months have been unrelenting and overwhelming for me and my brother as caregivers. Thankfully my Avengers original art, as seen in the previous article here, sold and assisted my family since the caregiving for both of my parents (my mom’s disabled) has been all-consuming time-wise, making getting to my commissions, and income, difficult. However, things have been slowly progressing since his chemo treatments and I am gradually returning to a normal schedule (whatever THAT means to a freelancer;-)) and I am accepting commissions but please understand that turnaround will be slower than usual and it’s best to email me to see what my status is at that time.

In the meantime, with the holiday of Thanksgiving still fresh in mind, I wanted to give thanks to a great 2011 up until recently.  It was a year of considerable assignments and a multitude of commissions which is especially exhilarating to this comic book artist vet who’s approaching his 20th year in the biz as of January 4th (incidentally, my birthday as well).  Hopefully a couple of gigs I’ve been patiently waiting for will take off soon in ’12 as well as a possible teaching opportunity.   I wish all of my fans and supporters the best of holidays and a happiest of New Years.  Thanks kindly for your visits to my modest website and I will always do my best to keep things updated and fresh here.  See you on the other side, my friends!