An autumn update

I lost much of the recent spring and summer seasons starting with wrapping up the 2011 Inkwell Awards and working on the four Heroes for Hire issues for Marvel, now completed (I’m still feeling the all-nighter I pulled Wednesday/Thursday to close the door on this gig).  The Spider-Island one-shot has a multitude of hero guest stars as well as many old and obscure Marvel foes to identify in all of the chaos sweeping through Manhatten….lots of fun!  Regrettably, I previously hinted at a project that Kyle and I were doing together following this job, but that 5-issue limited series subsequently slipped through my fingers (I can’t announce what it was yet as Marvel hasn’t announced it yet), with Kyle being handed another ink artist.  But I have been in contact with a few folks about follow-up work, like 3-4 leads, some of which look likely to take off (plus, thankfully, more Kyle work when he’s done with that mystery series), so I will hopefully be assignment-bound before long, perhaps even reunited with my longtime partner Sal Velluto!  In the meantime, I will relax and look after my health and attempt to lose some added weight.  And spend some quality time with the family.  And catch up on several late commissions for some very patient clients.  And finally get back to my Inkwell Awards for the 2012 season.  The occasional interim breaks prove essential for my mental and physical health….but hopefully the break won’t turn out to be for too long.  Of course, I’ll keep y’all posted here, friends!