Handbook Hunt

I picked up the 2009 OHotMU A-Z HC vol. 11 because there was a special thanks printed in it for me.  I also discovered an image from ’96 from Starmasters#2 in it under the ‘Starmasters’ entry.  Pencils were by Scott Eaton.

Another discovery!

I did considerable work for independant publisher A First Salvo in 2006-7 with artists Sal VellutoKevin WestJohn Royle, and more.  Unfortunately, none of it was published since they wen’t out of business.  Or so I thought until this month when I came across DANGER’S DOZEN: INTERLUDE#1 (4/08), thanks to Bob Shaw, and noticed that the back cover printed the one piece Sal and I collaborated on that year for our first decade of consecutive work together.  The editor had neglected to inform me of this so it was just happenstance that I found out about this pleasant surprise.

Even MORE Bob Love!

Daniel Best is at it again at his website, posting another blog entry (“Original Art Stories: Sal Velluto and Bob Almond’s Thirst”) about me only a month after the last one.  If he wasn’t a friend of mine I’d wonder about a stalker situation-LOL!  Honestly, it’s always appreciated, Dannyboy!

At Last! The Guardian Project revealed!

For the NHL All-Star Game on January 30th the Stan Lee Guardian Project was revealed during the second half-time show with a Stan Lee taped announcement, an animated sequence and with the announcer flipping through the GP volume of 30 collected stories and Neal Adams’ covers.  This followed with the online site revealing the stories in lo-res pdf files.clear I worked on the following: The RangerThe Blue JacketThe HurricaneThe KingThe Red Wing, and The Senator. Hurricane was pencilled by Jack Purcell, Blue Jacket by Al Bigley, and all of the rest by Sal Velluto.

I also discovered that the bios page has entries on all 30 characters and each entry has two images of art and I inked one image in almost every one (pencils: Dave Krupcyk).  Much of those were collected into the montage images below.

For those wanting to purchase the book for $29.99 (and other related merchandise with my ink art on it) you can go order it online at their site’s store.  I do not yet know if it’ll be subsequently available through Diamond Previews/retail stores.