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Boston Comic Con 2010!

Excellent show! Awesome turnout!  But long lines, as seen in the photos posted on Facebook taken by Amy Fletcher, Sarah Montani, Mike Gelbwasser, Zante Kry, Rick Fonseca,and others at the location of the Westin Boston Waterfront on April 10-11.  I’m a huge Joss Whedon fan and I’ve taken photos with Clare Kramer and Julie Benz (posted below the other pics) so posing with Amber Benson from Buffy was great!  I spent some time catching up with Jim Starlin at his table talking about his recent work as well as our collaboration together on Warlock and the Infinity Watch at Marvel in the ’90s.  And I was reunited with the Martinecks: my pal and sometimes assistant Warren, his wife Patty who I haven’t seen in ages, and their son DJ who I finally met.  The Last photo is the Joe Linsner and Eva Hopkins booth where they both donated art to the Inkwell Awards.  For more Inkwell Awards-related photos and donators please go here.  Much thanks to Bob Shaw, Amy Fletcher, and Erik Korpi and the rest of the staff.











‘Inkblots’ has moved!

I’ve been writing my inker-centric ‘Inkblots’ column for Sketch Magazine since 2006 from issues 30-39 but there’s been a several month gap since that issue and the publisher hasn’t offered any status updates leaving me with no answers for inquirying fans at the conventions I attend.  So with my editor’s understanding I have accepted the offer of Rik Offenberger of FirstComicsNews.com to run my column there as of yesterday.  Since I had quite a few topics completed and in the can for months and even years, I started out with my annual Inkwell Awards results for 2009 which had a note about the passing of Dave Simons (which occurred almost a year ago). The second topic “Name that Inking Style” was one I’ve been wanting to see ‘print’ for a couple of years and is now public.  In the future I may run my previously-published columns, revised, at the site, as well as new ones.  My status is still active at Sketch for the time being, albeit in limbo with the magazine itself. Hopefully issue 40 will ship soon which has both part of my origin story, originally printed out of order with part two in issue 38.  The official site has 41 announced as shipping in January but that’s way out of date at this point….a step-by-step tutorial with my inks over Sal Velluto‘s The Phantom is slated for that one. Please post at the venue and show me some love and support!




Now…in COLOR!

I just got in two of the  three color versions of the Pittsburgh Comicon t-shirt art as mentioned in the last column.  They were done by artist Koa Beam. Only the black background isn’t here.  Which version do you like better?