New gigs for the summer!

Out of the blue I was contacted by the editor of DC’s First Wave series and artist Rags Morales to assist with the inking for the late issue, originally schedule for May 5, now looking like a July release (see solicitations on the left sidebar).  Rags had fondly remembered my brush work from Bloodshot inking Sal Velluto over twelve years ago!  I got seven pages inked and had lotsa pulpy fun with Batman, Doc Savage, The Avenger, and The Spirit.  Check it out!


I also have a new assignment starting in July that will run for two months with me inking over a few artists, some familiar and some new to me.  Regrettably, I cannot speak a word of it to a living soul until the publisher officially announces it but trust me when I say that it’ll be a high-point in my career. I’ll keep you posted here!


And in a sort of related ‘Handbook Hunt’ entry, I discovered recently that the magazine that accompanies the Eaglemoss Adam Warlock lead statue has three panels that I inked over both Mike Lilly and Angel Medina.