Original Art

UPDATED 11/26/23: I regrettably don’t have any more mainstream super-hero art at this time and absolutely NO Black Panther pages which were sold off many years ago. All I have are some esoteric Kingstone Media biblical & young adult material over artists Sal Velluto, Joe Bennett, Paul Abrams and Danny Bulanadi. Some are for sale as individual pages, others for the full short story. I also have some crowdfunded super-hero pages for Power Comics, complete short stories over Patrick Broderick and Tom Morgan. I have some Herkules Monster Hunter comic strip chapters over Mike Lilly for A Kid and a Comic. Check with me about Batman Day original art with Mike Lilly. Lastly, I have unpublished RaveSnake mature anthology stories. One is a four issue series, Power Kill Station, 24 pages each plus 4 covers, totaling 100 pages to be sold together. There’s also short stories for an anthology titled Jittery Tales with 5 complete stories and a handful of loose pages from 2 unfinished ones. I hope to have time to type out more specific details with prices in 2024 and possibly scans of the OA, time-willing. All original art is blueline inks. Should there still be interested please contact me and I can take digital pics and scans for consideration. Thank you!