Jim Starlin: A Life in Words and Pictures

Jim Starlin has been a hero to me since I was in elementary school and he was the man who directly got me hired as a comics professional and who was long overdue to get a prestigious coffee table-style art book on his life and work.  So after picking up this book today from my retailer I was riveted in reading his career history retrospective and surprised that they used one of the covers I inked over Angel Medina for Warlock and the Infinity Watch issue 20 in the section where he talks about this work he wrote at Marvel in the early ’90s. (Incidentally, I had an opportunity to ‘go home again’ and recreate this cover recently.)  Regrettably, this is one of the early covers I cringe at when I see it so thankfully the image is reproduced small, and while I normally bawk at books not crediting the ink artists, in this case I can forgive them;-)  Regardless I am sincerely honored to be included in Jim’s art book, even if not by name.