Conventions a’coming! 2010, part one

I thought I’d put a spotlight my upcoming shows and signings in this entry.  Right around the corner is the Boston Comic Con on April 10-11 at a new venue and a cast of thousands where I will debut the new Inkwell Awards brochure and 2010 Donation Book and my family will spend the Sunday with me.  On April 23-25 I will make the annual roadtrip with Zeke, Alyn, and Bob to the Pittsburgh Comicon, which has become like a ‘home’ show to me.  Not only did they have me contribute to the show’s t-shirt art inking over Glenn Klimeck’s image with Iron Man and Black Widow in anticipation of Iron Man 2 (I’ll post a color file if I’m sent one in a separate entry) but this is the venue that will introduce model Chrissy Cutler as the Inkwell’s spokeperson Ms. Inkwell.  And don’t forget Inkwell Hall of Fame namesake Joltin’ Joe Sinnott!  For Free Comic Book Day on May 1st I was invited to two different venues this year, (three actually but I had to turn down the last one) which I find amusing as some years I don’t invited anywhere;-)  I’ll start off at the legendary That’s Entertainment in Worcester, MA, my second signing there to date, from 12 to 3 with I’m sure more yet to-be-announced guests, and then hustle on over to New England Comics in my hometown of New Bedford to share space with artist Juli Mayers from 4-6pm.  I was invited to attend the Granite State Comic Con later that month on the 23rd and this will be my third? appearance there for the Proulx brothers at Double Midnight Comics.  And lastly, after a four year absence, I will return to the magical Heroes Con on June 4-6 along with Ms. Inkwell and perhaps the largest contingent of Inkwell Awards members since the 2009 NYCC such as Bob Shaw, Jimmy Tournas, Nathan Massengill, Randy Green, Adam Hughes, Ethan Van Sciver, and Tim Townsend! Wow, what a plugapalooza!

Later I’ll discuss the second half of the year.  If I have any strength left in me….




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