We Made the Llst of Marvel’s TOP TEN BLACK PANTHER Stories!

The article was posted on Bleeding Cool and the video countdown resides there and on YouTube from July 15.  My comments on Facebook were:

“(We’re proud) to have worked on one story on this Marvel TOP TEN BLACK PANTHER STORIES list with #5 “Killmonger’s Rage” which was our (Priest/Sal Velluto/Almond) longest epic at like a dozen chapters, but I’m surprised not to see “Sturm Und Drang: A Story of Love & War” (BP#26-29) make the l
ist as many felt that that was opus of our run. It included some of the major monarchs of the Marvel Universe, T’Challa’s nemesis Klaw, and it was us that reunited Ororo/Storm back with T’Challa after Claremont introduced them as kids in MTU#100 (which possibly should also be included) decades earlier and influenced Hudlin to later get them hitched (on the list).”