Updated Monthly (but not really!)

Yes, a sign of life!  I am indeed alive!


What happened was that I was suddenly and inexplicably unable to access my website’s admin section for doing edits not long after my last article was posted. For many months. And you might recall, if you hav a reeeeally good memory, that I didn’t have a maintenance support person anymore and a well-intentioned someone subsequently offered to help me out but he ultimately got caught up in his own dramatic life. Until finally my buddy Craig Rousseau found the time to fix the problem last week.


The problem is that I do not know HOW to fix the sentence above that says “The Official Bob Almond Website: updated monthly!”  But it’s not essential so I’m not going to waste more of Craig’s time. Regular visitors will know that until further notice I am regrettably stuck with that statement.


Anyway, in a nutshell since my last article, my commissions gallery is completely up to date. I just updated my newsflash ‘Public Appearances’ schedule and solicitations.  Yes, I know, there’s not much for me to plug these days.  But it’s not because of a lack of work. In fact I’m busier than ever.  My last gig lasted almost two years but due to a Non-Disclosure Agreement (NDA) I haven’t been able to say much about it.  As that assignment slowed down while the ip owners pitched around the property to publishers, I was offered another assignment with yet another NDA!  It’s intended as a 6-8-issue series and I start it this week but i can’t say much more than that. Except that it’ll be a more intense production schedule.  So, while I may now have access to this website, thank God, tragically my updates will be more infrequent (READ= NOT MONTHLY) and the solicitations will be mostly reprints of my older work.  Like the recently announced “Black Panther by Christopher Priest: The Complete Collection” three volume trade collection being released this year of the entire 62-issue run including all of the work I did with Priest and Sal Velluto. FINALLY!  From Marvel!  And in ENGLISH this time!


I’ll keep you posted when I know something more. But between that, my commission list being closed, and no convention appearances until June, I honestly wouldn’t expect many updates here. But as usual, I_will_try.  And you can hear from me on Facebook and the Inkwell Awards site. Things should get interesting for 2015.  I truly hope you will join me for all of the fascinating developments.