THINGS THAT ARE SURREAL: Seeing My Original Art in Clients’ Frames

Every once in a while a customer who bought original art from me or a client who commissioned

me over the years will email me a thanks along with a photo file of their framed acquisition.  This

always feels so weird to me seeing my work framed.  It makes me proud, of course, but I guess

it hasn’t really settled in that after 25 years that something I worked on would be treasured

like that. Surreal, yes, but still rewarding and sincere thanks to all who have done so.

Client Christophe Palma includes 6 of my commissions out of the 7 on his wall.

The customer that bought this original cover art from VAMPIRELLA: REVELATIONS#2

by Mike Lilly and myself not only framed it but he’s commissioned me to do

a loose recreation on it (the last commission presently on my docket).

A recent head & shoulders commission of the Incredible Hulk inked over a

Marvel artist probably most-closely attached to the character, the late

Herb Trimpe.