The Official Bob Almond Website: Updated, err, here and there.

Yes, it’s been way too long. Yes, I’ve been busy, but there’s also not exactly been much of any new items to talk about here since my project has been one of non-disclosure. I also just suddenly inexplicably lost my longtime site maintenence assistant. So while I intend to remove the “Updated Monthly” part above since that isn’t who I am anymore, I need the kindness of strangers to help me do so.  That’s ok, though, because a friend just offered up his own reliable, tech-savvy friend to help me out. So I will be doing updates over the next few days and on an infrequent basis after that. I’ll be removing the solicitations until there’s something new or reprinted worth mentioning and my commissions gallery really needs some updating, possibly almost a year’s worth of files and info.  So I thank you if you were one of the two faithful fans/friends who has been periodically checking in and I apologize for the lack of activity here. I will always strive to do better. Talk shortly;-)


And don’t forget to come by and see me and the Inkwell Awards at the Rhode Island Comic Con on November 1-2!