Sal & Bob return to Black Panther after 15 years!

Well, for a cover anyway!  (Bare witness to the closest thing to click bait for me;-))


Marvel hired Sal Velluto and myself last month to render a variant cover for the new Black Panther series by Ta-Nehisi Coates and Brian Stelfreeze. I inked the art while I was in-between the Twin Tiers and Terrificon shows. We’d offered our services as it’d been 15 years since we departed the title helmed by our pal Priest in 2002 with #49. Between the Panther’s Marvel cinematic debut in CAPTAIN AMERCIA: CIVIL WAR and upcoming solo film for 2018 and this new series, the time was right to give it a shot.  It was a huge thrill for me to return to the property that Sal and I were probably most recognized for as a team with critical acclaim and award wins. Is there a chance of us illustrating an issue?  Well, Marvel knew we were interested but there wasn’t a need for that at this time with scheduling.  But you never know!


I will post info when this art is available for sale (or if I get a color file).