My Gallery on temporary(?) hiatus

As I’ve mentioned here in the past, for years now my popular commission gallery has not been updated due to website problems going back to my webmaster who created this site after my original site was going to collapse under the weight of the files there. My second Joomla gallery here (@170+ entries) allowed me to expand from the original (@270+entries), now archived, and link to it, preserving the record of my career commissions and unpublished and try-out work. When I could no longer go in to update it it was in a state of limbo and my webmaster and I had a falling out with me so he was no help. I recently had my gallery chronicler Damon Owens help me launch my personal ComicArtFans gallery as a third location to post my past 70+entries I’d been saving on my desktop. (Just too bad it doesn’t allow urls to link visitors to my archived and current galleries.) After six were posted my website server told me that the gallery section was taking up too much space and it had been scanned and I was told that I had to remove it within a week or risk my site shutting down and possibly not be retreivable. Thus I pulled in my two Inkwell Awards webmasters Rhys & Steven to help tech-ignorant me to save the material but first remove it post-haste. This immediate threat was resolved and this site’s gallery doesn’t exist now. Rhys was going to transfer it on WordPress and use Flickr for the gallery but he told me I’d lose all my archived material including the first 270+ of commission entries. So Original webmaster Tim Aslat is studying my Joomla site in hopes of upgrading all the necessary problem areas and have enough space for my gallery section. So in the meantime, I’m not sure if I’ll continue adding entries to the CAF gallery but hopefully in 2020 I’ll get my limbo gallery returned and have updated it with 70+entries. <crosses fingers>