MOVING SUCKS! (And so does Enterprise!)

That’s about as eloquent as I feel right now.  And, no, I’m not moving the website, just myself physically.  I’ve moved a few times in my life and hated it abysmally each and every time but I haven’t had to relocate for over nine years, thankfully.  Until now.  With the economic downturn, lowering of property values, the federal incentive program for first time home-owners, and a city rehab program loan, we can finally afford our first home!  So this moving is a CELEBRATION, even with all of the stress and chaos involved that I so truly detest;-)

So between that, Inkwell Award duties, conventions and signings,and commissions, I am behind on just about everything and this site is no exception.  I have the Commission Gallery and Photos section to update following Pittsburgh Comicon and Free Comic Day and that will probably take place later this month along with The Granite State Comic Con.

Speaking of Pittsburgh, let me express how much the car rental business Enterprise sucks.  For the roadtrip I shared with Zeke Savory, Jason Casey, Hannibal King, and Alyn Bergstrom, we discovered on the morning of the drive from Massachusetts that our reserved vehicle was NOT available.  We had to drive two towns away for an available one (already disappointing as the problem was THEIR fault so why are WE fetching the automobile???).  Upon receipt it wasn’t the vehicle we had reserved with the extra luggage room we needed and the same type we used the previous September for the same trip to the same show.  We couldn’t afford to cancel so we loaded up the SUV, completely blocking the rear window and blocking us all in with items under our feet, besides us, etc., basically a traveling violation or suicidal scenario.  We started out two hours late for the drive and thanks to a downed power line in the road in PA (something we would’ve avoided had we been on time) we had to take an alternate route and we ultimately arrived three hours later than planned, missing the show’s event for that evening!  While I tried to call ahead to my roommates who were waiting for me to enter our room (but failing to do so for an hour due to cell deadzones in the dark redneck territory) Alyn tried to make calls to switch to a better vehicle that night and all weekend. In the end we were told that there wasn’t any transfers available in Pittsburgh or the entire region.  So buying some bungy cords we had to pack up my monster-sized hardcase Samsonite in the roof and repeated our death-defying cruise home (in the rain and with a GPS that went loco on us, but that’s not relevant to the Enterprise focus;-))  Upon our return Zeke and complaint the manager actually was on the defense that we should’ve cancelled our trip…. I made clear that we’d never use Enterprise again…not that they seemed to care.  Or did we at that time, only sweet sleep called to us.  Something I’m yearning for right now in fact.