Handbook Hunt! Commissions Ceased! Site stalled!

A tradition in my news archives has been to track where samples of work I did are being reproduced in editions, usually the handbooks, where the ink artist is usually not credited.  I haven’t been as on top of the Marvel handbooks as I have in the past but in the recent AVENGERS ASSEMBLE handbook there’s a small inset panel under the Super-Adaptoid entry with art by Mike Lilly and myself from Annihilation Conquest: Quasar.


Secondly in an unrelated item, due to an incoming assignment workload (more on that later) I will regrettably need to put a hold on all commissions.  I have five on hand that will take a while to get to and it wouldn’t be proper to receive any more for the next few months.  I apologize for this inconvenience and once the commission gates reopen I will be certain to mention it here, ‘natch.


For the same reason, this site may suffer a bit as I’m already behind with updating my commissions gallery or adding convnetion appearance photos.  Please be patient with me, I know.