Friendly Neighborhood Comics run by my longtime friend Ernie Pelletier has generously arranged for me to schedule a signing event in his store.

In recent years I’ve been found at his store on Free Comic Book Day in a duel commitment with him early in the day and a commute to

New England Comics: New Bedford for later in the day with my sometimes art partner Mike Lilly. But this year, FCBD was on Saturday

May 4 when I was scheduled at the Undiscovered Realm Comic Con May 4-5. So to make up for that (and to cover some swag I’d ordered there)

Ernie has devoted Saturday July 20 to “Bob Almond Day at FNC” from 11am – 3pm! A first of sorts, I will have all my usual Bob Almond-themed goods

in tow like original signed art, Black Panther trades and prints signed by me and, while suplies last, also by my legendary cohorts Sal Velluto and

Christopher Priest following a couple of shows we attended together, signed comics, other trades and other prints, and I plan to loosely draw up

at least 4 pencil sketches on backer boards to ink at the store upon request for $40 each deposited up front. If I sell all 4 or more and can’t

finish in time at the event I will take them home to finish ahead of my commissions list for a meager shipping expense. Autographs are always

free with me and I only ask if the customer/fan can donate anything to my 501(c)(3) non-profit Inkwell Awards donation box on the table.

Besides my recent Angel Medina drawn and Tom Chu colored Thanos & Mistress Death new print I’d inked, I will be debuting my Art Adams drawn

and Chu colored X-Men: Days of Future Past print I inked. So drop by and take advantage of simultaneous deals from the store itself!