Black Panther notes

For those BP fans who might be interested, there’s an interview with editor Tom Brevoort and mention is made of upcoming Panther projects (sorry, but not with my involvement;-)) such as ‘Klaws of the Panther’. What I find interesting are the covers previewed.

The first one (artist?) shows the Black Panthers fighting dinosaurs in the Savage Land.  One of my proposals to Priest about a year before our run ended was to visit the Savage Land, perhaps to connect the dinosaurs there with those in Wakanda, (perhaps running into Stegron who BP fought in Marvel Team-up#20). But we ran out of time before it was used so I mentioned it in a couple of interviews post-series.  Nice to see that location tapped for this story, even if obviously a different story.  Also, I liked the other cover previewed (don’t know the artist) with a montage in the background of various Panther series’ covers, something we did on BP#36.  On this one, several images are shown from our series with four by Sal Velluto and three with my inks over Sal, which I thought was cool.  It’s always neat to be recognized.