Damon commission: #81
Damon Brotherhood-themed commission: 13
Eric Koda penciled commission inked by Bob: 1

Yep, unless my hazy memory’s failing me again, this is the debut for Eric here in the Bob Almond Inkwell Commission Gallery. The story behind this commission concept is vast and best said by my pal Damon so I suggest you go read up over at his gallery page and then head on back here:

All set? See, fun stuff! (I was able to name 6 out of 9 characters!) My personal thoughts are simply that I love inking Princess Zanda as it brings me back to the ‘Enemy of the State2’ arc from my Black Panther days, and makes me nostalgic for bronze-age Kirby comics;-)

Using reference from Damon I was able to tighten up and tweak the costumes a bit to be more defined and faithful to the original designs (although Eric left off Zanda’s tassels-oh, the humanity!!!). And I elaborated on the hinted at ground damage/debris. I used ll of my usual inking tools. This was 11X17 on 2-ply board and I finished it on 9/28/14.

Eric on DeviantArt:

Eric’s pencils

Bob’s inks