The third piece from a four-piece batch, this is my 9th job for Jerry Livengood and his third Spider-wing-themed piece, although it technically fits into his subset cross-universe, gallery theme of Acts of Vengeance, named after the ’80s Marvel cross-title event where the villains of one series confronted those of another that they were unfamiliar with intended to so surprise them as to get the upper hand. As you can imagine, the bad guys were foiled again;-) This is my 13th Darryl Banks but I don’t believe I’ve ever inked Deathstroke the Terminator before (known as Slade to you fans of the anime series Teen Titans). This was inked on 2-ply Kubert board in blueline and I used more brush than usual for feathering, plus micron and Pitt markers and some Hunt 102 quill. It was completed on March 29, 2012.

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