“One Minute Later” is not the sole commission theme for client Michael Finn, but it is his most-prolific. However, once a year he commissions artists to render a ‘Victory Parade’ image of a team shot, in this case, DC’s future-flung Legion of Super-Heroes (previously JSA and Invaders). So while I’ve done seven OML-themed jobs for Michael, this is my first VP-themed one. It’s also my first team image of the Legion, having previously handled only solo members like Saturn Girl by Joe Prado and Shrinking Violet (with the Wasp) by Michael Dooney.
But it is my second commission over Jason Metcalf, having previously inked an Archangel by him.

With measurements 24X36″ on 2 ply board, this image collects a whopping 30 characters from the team, mostly in their traditional uniforms. The client asked me to make some edits on Lightning Lad, Superboy and Ultraboy. I used all of my usual inking tools of brush and markers with some white paint spatter for the star field on Star Boy. This one was completed April 14, 2012. On July 29, 2012 Michael posted a digitally colored version by Chris Ivy on his CAF gallery.

Jason Metcalf: http://www.jasonmetcalf-art.com/
Michel Finn’s CAF gallery entry: http://www.comicartfans.com/GalleryPiece.asp?Piece=887488&GSub=101723

Jason’s pencils

Bob’s inks

Chris Ivy’s colors