This is my tenth Brotherhood-themed commission for client Damon, his 67th with me, and my second Ian Richardson job. This is perhaps the commission that took me the longest. Not because of sheer details taking up time like a Segovia or a Jose Luis piece (not that Ian isn’t the doodler) but because I started this one and a few days later my dad passed away on February 25, 2011. I went some time not able to find time to work on it and even when I did, those opportunities were fleeting at best with ten minutes here and 30 minutes there. Setting my dad’s affairs in line and moving my disabled and elderly mom into my home took time and then she was even admitted to the hospital last week. But I was finally able to finish this piece at last on 3/19. It was on 11X17 2-ply board over the original pencil art and and I used mostly markers on this due to all of Ian’s ‘morse code’ drawing style (dots & dashes) but I also used some Pitt Brush marker, a smidgen of my Hunt 102, and some of my Raphael Kolinsky #8404 brush. For more info about the subject matter you can read about that at Damon’s CAF gallery entry here:

Ian Richardson’s Deviantart page:

Ian’s pencil art

Bob’s inks