Here we continue from the last entry with more vintage sample inks from the mid to late 1990s to the early 2000s. Funny, I wrote that I didn’t know the exact issue numbers these pages are originally from but I forgot that many of the pencil files have that info on the top of the pages which you surely discovered by now. Incidentally I did not get assignments from these samples as far as I can remember. And I do have even more samples and try-out ink art to fill up a couple of more entries one day. All the Marvel SILVER SURFER pages are pencilled by Tom Grindberg from his run on the title. The Batman/Robin/Harley page is from GOTHAM ADVENTURES by Craig Rousseau. And from DC’s STAR TREK: THE NEXT GENERATION by Gordon Purcell. I don’t have the pencils for this last-mentioned one. And the duplicated page was because there was a vellum overlay to handle the color hold for the web net (something handled simply with digital color today). I find it amusing that while I didn’t get a gig from those samples on Star Trek over Gordon, it would be a coincidental sign of what was to come from not just Marvel’s STAR TREK: DS9 that followed this but also from IDW’s STAR TREK: THE LAST GENERATION inking over Gordon again a decade later in 2008-2009.